Life is short,

make it sweet!

Stop existing and start living!

I work with busy moms who don't recognize themselves when they look in the mirror, and feel disconnected from their true self. 


I help them make their well being a priority in a fun and easy way and discover the mindset that allows them to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life so they can enjoy all the little moments with their families.

Meet Michelle

Certified Transformational Health & Life Coach

and Neuro Change Practitioner Master Trainer

A former teacher, and mother of two, Michelle used to live a life that was "great" to those looking in from the outside, - a good job, the "million dollar family", a nice house, family trips, the whole nine yards - but it was a life she felt she was living for everyone else and one that was expected of her.  She began just going through the motions everyday until one day she decided to take her life into her own hands and make it the amazing life she pictured in her mind and wished she had.   While completing her health and life coaching certificate, she finally found the courage to break up with her limiting beliefs about herself and go after her dream life, and she hasn't looked back. 


She believes when women truly understand where they come from and why they behave in a certain way, they are able to change the way they see themselves and become a new version of themselves - the one they can picture in their minds but never thought was possible - and will go from feeling like a shadow of their true selves to waking up feeling alive, well, and even happy.

It's her calling now to show busy moms a better way to live—a better way to be in the world.


Creatively crafting a life of freedom, adventure, and true happiness as their new norm. Being who they indeed are—no longer settling for just existing or getting through every day—guiding them to craft their own stories for a beautiful, fulfilled life.

It's time to...

Break up with 

Limiting Beliefs

Discover Who You Want to Be

 Feel Alive




"I did a free call with Michelle and couldn't believe what we uncovered in such a short time!  I was in tears and it was emotional, but something I needed so badly.  Thank you!"

- Brenda

"Michelle is a wonderful coach and a great listener.  I love that I can trust her so I can open up and can dig deeper into what it is I really want."

- Olivia

"Michelle is an amazing coach!  I was hesitant to reach out because I was afraid of change, but my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner!" 

- Sarah